Bethany Bayless

My name is Bethany. For years, I made my living as a a speaker, podcaster, writer, and professional Emcee.

Then 2020. 

I wasn’t the only one who had to find something else to do when a global pandemic shut down my speaking business indefinitely. I was also 7 months pregnant when the first lockdown began. 

While I waited for my son to be born, I started to play around with illustrating. 

I didn’t really consider myself an artist. I didn’t seem to fit the stereotype I had in my mind. But I always love to draw and be creative. My parents recently brought over tons of boxes filled with my childhood paraphernalia, and scattered throughout them I found hundreds of drawings. I found sketches from when I was as young as 9 all the way up to my teen years. It was then that I realized I have always been an artist. 

This year has been filled with discovery and allowing myself to find joy in illustrating and starting a product-based small business. With every item you buy, you are supporting a new Mama and her small family in California. Thank you for being here!